Together for the environment and nature

Together for the environment and nature
On 5 June, on the occasion of the “World Environment Day”, our school, in relation to the activity of the Erasmus plus project “SMART: Science Meets Art”, raised students awareness (after the LegaAmbiente and SMART DAY initiatives) to problems relating to global warming by connecting meteorology, nature and art. Through this project the students made videos using photos of different landscapes (sunrises and sunsets) to make them aware of the importance of the ecosystem. Continue reading

“June 5: World Environment Day” Palermo

Caring about our planet is a moral obligation

Every year, since June 5, 1972, World Environment Day has ben celebrated. This date was chosen during the first UN conference on the environment, held in Stockholm, during which the “Stockholm Declaration” was established, which defined the twenty-six principles on the rights and responsibility of men towards the environment . This year we are celebrating the environment day on the theme of air pollution and the climate crisis. Continue reading

Italian travel diary of a fantastic Erasmus experience in Pyrgos

These are all the student’s travel diary of the Greek course. In their words there is all the gratitude for this beautiful experience. Thanks, Pyrgos!


Smart experiences for the SMART DAY at Liceo “C. Finocchiaro Aprile”

November 10 is the “World Science Day”. To celebrate it, our project launched the “SMART DAY”. Since November 10 was on a Saturday, we decided to continue this “celebration” for more than a week with different activities. It was a busy experience for the school because students and teachers, thinking about the relationship between Science and daily life, realized little scientific experiments. This is the first, called “The bubbles of lava”, that reminded us of our volcano  called Etna.

Simple ingredients and a little jar can create a chemical reaction!


Two funny Science experiments made at school by the students of the 5 Au and the teachers of Science and English:

a very very big “cup of tea” and a strange egg, a “rubber egg





Restoration work in Santissimo Salvatore, Palermo

After a couple of  months from the Italian course “Architecture and restoration”, today our students had the pleasure to visit again the Santissimo Salvatore church in Palermo. We saw again its restored frescoes. During that week, we had the pleasure to meet the  restorers who explained us what techniques they were using. At that time the frescoes were scarcely visible because they were hidden by the scaffolding … today we can see them in all their beauty.


La predica di San Basilio

Il miracolo di San Basilio

by Vito d’Anna