Fourth TTM and LTT in Brno

In January we welcomed 20 students and 12 teachers from our partner countries in Brno. A great help for our project was always the friendliness of families that housed foreign pupils. Thanks again for the incredibly hospitable environment in every country. From Saturday, January 19th, to Friday, January 25th, there were an international meeting of teachers and a fourth course of the project called Tech Meets Art.

SMART calendar 2019

During November and January we selected some of the students’ art works and pictures of the mobilities in order to create the calendar of 2019. Every country choose one or two months and prepared art collage of photos.  The most important dates of the project (deadlines, mobilities, international days) are highlighted in every month.

Fourth transnational teacher´s meeting in Brno (The Czech Republic)

The fourth transnational meeting was held in Brno from 19 th January to 25 th January 2019. The TPM meeting aimed at evaluating the project and its impact on schools and students. The host school  organized the activities in an excellent way, creating a climate of fruitful understanding among all the teachers. We discussed about the products already uploaded on the site and on  Facebook  and about photos to be uploaded to Flickr. Each … Continue reading

Travel Diary Brno of the Dutch students

Bridget Moorman
OostvaarderscollegeThe Netherlands 

My Brno experience 
Saturday, January 19th
This was the day we were travelling to the Czech Republic. We first flew to Vienna and that flight only lasted one and a half hours. When we arrived at the airport and before we got on the bus, we went to eat something. That was when we met the first people of Erasmus, the Spanish team. Then we took the bus to the train station in Vienna and we went by train from Vienna to Brno. In Brno we got picked up by one of the teachers and she brought me … Continue reading

Finnish painting

Functionalism and art lessons

Bohuslav Fuch was a famous Czech architect who build our school too. It was build in 1928. Our students were inspired by his famous buldings in art lessons.

The New York Times says: “In particular, I was hoping to visit the buildings of the architect Bohuslav Fuchs, who had built many of the city’s most charismatic buildings, like the skinny Avion, a nine-story modernist hotel downtown, elegantly wedged into a lot less than 28 feet wide. The city’s … Continue reading