Italian travel diary and video of a fantastic Erasmus experience in Pyrgos

These are all the student’s travel diary of the Greek course. In their words there is all the gratitude for this beautiful experience. Thanks, Pyrgos!


Pyrgos: links between Greece and Sicily

Students and teachers from the seven countries met in Pyrgos from 5th to 11th May 2019.On our arrival “late at night” we were welcomed by families and colleagues and all through the week the group experienced a positive atmosphere which made our stay more and more enjoyable and interesting.

The week started with a presentation of students’ videos on ”How logic was transformed into theatre”. Italian students showed a beautiful video on the legend of Volcano which highlighted the links between Greece and Sicily. Continue reading

Fourth transnational teacher´s meeting in Brno (The Czech Republic)

The fourth transnational meeting was held in Brno from 19 th January to 25 th January 2019. The TPM meeting aimed at evaluating the project and its impact on schools and students. The host school  organized the activities in an excellent way, creating a climate of fruitful understanding among all the teachers. We discussed about the products already uploaded on the site and on  Facebook  and about photos to be uploaded to Flickr. Each country received a copy of the calendar built with the photographic contribution of all the participating countries.

Moreover, activities were planned in view of the next mobility in Greece from 5th  to 11th  May 2019, i.e. dramatizations to exemplify physical, chemical and biological phenomena.

Collaboration among the teachers of the partner countries strengthened so future  activities and strategies to be adopted in order to guarantee a positive continuation of the project were highlighted. In particular, all digital tools will continue to be used for constant communication and sharing of initiatives and products.The more and more positive relationship established has put the basis for a good follow up of the project in the next mobility.

Christmas regards from Italy….and Happy New Year!

The “Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile” Human Sciences High School wishes to the Erasmus plus students, teachers and friends a peaceful and joyful Christmas. Happy New Year!

Italian students described our traditions with Thinglink



We also know that the theme of the 2018 edition of the World Science Day is “Science, a human right“, chosen by UNESCO to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Along this line, on November 21 the school organized together with volunteers from Lega Ambiente the Festival of the Tree to promote the importance of green, to fight against CO2 emissions, air pollution, prevent the hydrogeological risk and the loss of biodiversity.
This year the Festival of the Tree is dedicated in particular to “The roots of hospitality” to pay attention to the importance of the school as a place of sharing, participation, coexistence and meeting among different cultures.