Italian memories of the Spanish course: padlet and video

Who is the travel diary for?  In our case, it’s a simple resource for our students to share – with other students or friends – notes, adventures, stories, memories and all they want to remember about the trip.

During this Spanish experience our students had the possibility not only to learn a lot about the course but also to appreciate the country’s culture, customs and people. By having a travel diary, now they can keep all these new experiences and knowledge in one place where they can reflect on them.

Our students decided to remember and share their experience in different ways. The paddlet contains the travel diary of Chiara R.; Alice G. and Francesca G. while decided to share a video. You will see the lists of the ‘top moments’ or ‘the best bits’ of our experience.

Thanks Chiara, Alice and Francesca

Here is the video!

Smart goes to Zaragoza: presentations of the Italian students and posters of the mobility

We had a marvellous experience during the Spanish mobility in Zaragoza from the 27th of September to the 3rd of October 2018. Zaragoza welcomed us with a warm weather, a blue sky and a general atmosphere of exitement for the Next celebration of Nuestra Signora del Pilar.
All the schools introduced themselves and showed their interesting videos and presentations on the theme “Light, Lines, life”; after they were involved in teams in Seppo games around the city. They had the possibility to have the first conctact with the city and its main monuments and mudejar style.
The experience continued with a trip to the nearby mountain of Moncajo with a nice walk to admire nature and also the Cistercensian abbey. Tarazona offered the opportunity to reflect on an example of peaceful coabitation among Muslims, Christians and Jewish people.
The center of the Science Etopia  of Zaragoza offered us interesting workshops: stop motion and 3d design and Printing.
Activities at school on the use of light connected to photografy and the Origami Museum concluded our journey. The students were very happy to be involved in such a great experience!
The friendship started in Palermo moves on along with the project 🙂

Muchas gracias Zaragoza!








Italians video and summer works

Sicilian traditional Lights