LTT “Restoration and Architecture” in Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Students and teachers of partner schools met in Palermo, a beautiful Italian city, on Thursday 15 th March 2018. We left on the first spring Wednesday 21 st March.  The first learning/ teaching/ training activities course “Restoration and Architecture” was held by Liceo delle Scienze Umane “Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile”. The participants discovered the interaction of Chemistry, Geometry and Art by studying the techniques of the restoration of the superb buildings of the rich Sicilian cultural heritage.

We visited for example  Palatin Chapel and The Norman Palace. The gold covered mosaics of the Palatine Chapel need no explanations, this impressive site is a feast for the eyes, a mastrpiece, a mixture of Byzantine art with Norman/Arab construction with ceilings and walls covered in gold mosaics. The Royal Rooms are also incredible with stunning mosaics and affrescos.

Interviews from experts, workshops of photography, of exploring restored artefacts of the museums were parts of the course. We got familiar to the scientific tools which are used for the restoration, and of painting as well in Fine Academy of Art. Participants studied the “ fractals” to analyze the relations between the various forms of art, plants and natural objects and geometrical proportions. In particular the fractals could be applied to study the Norman-Arab architecture.

The host teachers and the hosts families helped all the students during all the activities of the project and created the best conditions for a positive learning atmosphere. Thank you for the great week! Grazie mille!

The rest of our experience and feelings will be found in traveller´s diaries.

LTT program Palermo

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