Second LTT in Iceland: Italian preparatory works, meeting, travel diaries, photos and video

A marvelous experience

During the third mobility held in Reykjavik in Iceland from 09 to 15 April 2018 all the activities planned during the previous mobility in Palermo were carried out. In a first phase all the students of the partner countries presented videos on the Environmental Art; therefore, presentations were presented on some famous enviromental artists or on some sites where it was possible to identify the link between art and the natural enviroment. A visit to the Reykjavik Science Museum was also held during which the students had the opportunity to attend or take part in simple scientific experiments.

During some laboratory activities the students gathered in groups and created some artefacts, using recycled materials, such as cardboard, stones, wood, etc.

These activities made it possible to crate a positive atmosphere of collaboration; during the weeks the whole group took part in two guided tours during which it was possible to admire the beauty and the majesty of Icelandic nature

Getting ready for the meeting in Island: Italian works

These are some products that Italian students prepared before the departure for Reykjavik: a video about Natural riserve and presentation of Ambiental Art

Atelier sul mare e Fiumara d’arte

Zingaro natural reserve (Trapani)

Islandic memories : travel diaries, photos and video

“Iceland presents itself as an unusual land, far from the European canons we are used to, both in terms of the landscapes and the environment and in terms of how people relate to society.
Very hospitable and cheerful, contrary to what one might think, Icelanders live a life marked by a very relaxed pace.
The tranquility that characterizes the capital, Reykjavik, is mind-blowing.
This increases considerably in the deserted lands of the so-called “Land of Ice”, where you experience the feeling of being part of the immense nature you are contemplating and, at the same time, perceive your infinite smallness in front of it.
The only word able to describe this country, and that contains all the feelings and emotions it arouses and the goodness of its people is MAGIC”         

Riccardo P.

This is Maria Rosaria’s travel diary about her Icelandic experience.

Thanks to my school I had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus project and experience endless emotions.
The Erasmus project aims to bring different cultures together with the aim of conveying the idea that the diversity of customs and traditions is a heritage of each people.
The main objective of the project, in my opinion, is to build meaningful relationships between people of different nationalities. During the project we did many activities but the moment that I was most excited was when we all together did a dance inherent to their tradition.
I hosted an Icelandic girl, Oliwia, I was very fond of and with whom I shared moments that I will never forget.
We are still in touch and on both sides there is always the desire to meet again one day.”



Last but not least……

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