“June 5: World Environment Day” Palermo

Caring about our planet is a moral obligation

Every year, since June 5, 1972, World Environment Day has ben celebrated. This date was chosen during the first UN conference on the environment, held in Stockholm, during which the “Stockholm Declaration” was established, which defined the twenty-six principles on the rights and responsibility of men towards the environment . This year we are celebrating the environment day on the theme of air pollution and the climate crisis.

The slogan is “Beat air Pollution” or “defeating climate pollution”. It is therefore necessary not only to moderate actions and think more about the planet, but to spread the message as much as possible. Environment Day aims to focus on environmental issues by offering people the opportunity to be active stakeholders in sustainable development.
In our school, thanks to the initiatives of LEGAMBIENTE and the ERASMUS PLUS project “SMART: Science Meets Art”, this awareness became deeper during the course of the school year. On June 5, they also carried out researches, newspaper articles and video galleries on environmental issues, global warming but also on the beauty of our Nature. The opportunity was given to enhance the beauty of nature, through the use of specific Apps, creating a shared class gallery containing all our photos taken during school trips or on particular days of the year and were created then videos with photos of sunrises, sunsets, clouds, flowers to connect meteorology, nature and art. Since last year our school has been committed to the Erasmus plus project which has now come to an end with this final moment linked to our Earth. We need to think of our beloved Earth also through the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “The nation that destroys its own soil destroys itself”.
The students of the 2nd Du

Flood_Palermo 2018 – HD 720p

And now some videos: the first made by the 2 Eu, the second from the 5Du, the third made by the 2Gu

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