LTT “Nature meets art and science” in Reykjavík, Iceland

Students and teachers of partner schools met in Reykjavík, a capital of Iceland , on Monday 9 th April 2018. We left on Sunday the 15 th April.  The second learning/ teaching/ training activities course “Nature meets art and science” was held  by Hólabrekkuskóli.

We had a great week there, the host teachers and the host families helped all the students during all the activities of the project and created the best conditions for a positive learning atmosphere. Þakka … Continue reading

Italian travel diary

We started the journey early morning on 14 th March 2018. Our group consisted of two teachers and three students. We arrived to Palermo at 6 p.m. After our arrival in Palermo, we had to solve a problem with the lost suitcase and then we met our families. We enjoyed the first great dinner.

The first day

15th of April World Art Day

On the anniversary of the birth of the great Genius and Master Leonardo Da Vinci, April 15th, on the World Day of Art, our school emphasized the importance of the rediscovery of Art and Beauty as a means of human and social rebirth, starting to make some videos and multimedia products on Italian and Sicilian artists, in particular.
In 2017 some classes of our school, inspired by a blog “Didatticarte”, created a tableau vivant of the “Flagellation” by Piero della Francesca, a painting that revisits the masterpiece by Antonello, the “Annunziata”, in a manga key, the revisitation of the … Continue reading

World Art Day

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Antonín Slavíček (16 May, 1870 – 1 February, 1910) was a Czech Impressionist painter, our seventh class was inspired by his work in art lessons. Slavíčeks landscapes are related exclusively to the Czech landscape. Despite the fact that he is usually labeled as a prominent figure from the local version of impressionism, he only encountered French impressionism in 1907 when he visited Paris.

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World Art Day 2018 -Greece

In order to celebrate the World Art Day, the girls of our team prepared a dancing show. It was based on ancient Greek dances and music and it was presented at the closed stadium of Pyrgos to a lot of people as after our show there would be student athletic events. You can see the videos of the dancing here:

Photos from the 1st Ltt in Palermo

The first Ltt took place in Palermo, Italy in March 2018. Our students and colleagues had the chance to visit this beautiful and joyful city. Here you can see some photos from moments and places they wanted to always remember

Here you can see the city’s  most important sites and monuments as described by  the Italian students

and finally a video made by the Greek team

Icelandic travel diary about Palermo

Meeting in Palermo

On the 15. of March we started our journey to Palermo. The students Oliwia Czerwonka, Þóra Björg Ingvarsdóttir, Breki Freyr Albertsson. The teachers Anna María Kortsen Þorkelsdóttir, Jóhanna Rakel Sveinbjörnsdóttir, and Bogi Franzson.  After three air flights, we landed at Palermo in the evening. The students met their „foster families, and the teachers went to their hotel.

The next day the program began with a speech from the headmaster following presentations from all the participating countries.  After lunch, we visited the old Norman Palace and the program ended around five o’ clock in the afternoon.

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