SMART DAY in BRNO and Amazing Theatre of Physics

UDiF alias Amazing Theatre of Physics is a group of people who’ve decided to entertain people by physics. They pass on the joy of understanding and they try to ignite in the people the excitement from watching the world around them. They  performed the physics show called All the colours of rainbow in a professional way, we invited them on our SMART DAY on 27 th November.  It was chosen by approximately 180 pupils from our school.

Roses are red, yellow dandelions and grass green. Leaves know all these colours, just wait. ÚDiF focused this time on where colours are taking shape around us and how our eyes perceive. Most of us know green from purple, but do we all see the same purple? And how does your checkered shirt see your dog? We break the light and rebuild it. Did you know that the colours can be added and subtracted? And where does it actually get gray? How many colours does your phone have? We have received answers to these questions too.

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