SMART DAY in science centre

The pupils and teacher  of our school visited the science park Vida at the Brno Exhibition Center on Friday 27 April. We find more than one hundred and seventy interactive exhibits over an area of nearly 5,000 square meters that give us  better understanding of the world around us. The science show has brought us into the world of sounds. What does the sound look like? Can you feel it? Can sound dance the flames? How is the sound below the surface? The show’s moderator has made us the way from the origin of the sound to our auditory nerves. We have learned what children hear and educators will not ever hear.
The sixth year saw what raw materials we produce, which we use everyday. They looked at the most common mineral raw materials and found out which elements are most common on our planet. Seventh class waited a series of color experiments. Chemistry is not only difficult, it can also be beautiful and entertaining. Our pupils found the difference between blending common colors and chemicals. Finally, everyone took home a small, hand-made gift, a tube that changed color. The eighth year was drawn into the detective game. They learned about the dactyloscopy and tried some other forensic experts. The aim of the program is to solve the deaths of young educators Megan. They communicated in groups, and use of a logical discretion was necessary. The oldest pupils were smarter than Holmes. They have become more familiar with not only the exhibits but also the phenomena they represent. With that help, they got information that was available until the final password that opened the treasure chest.
All day we enjoyed and awakened curiosity and the desire to learn more about the world around us.

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