World Environment Day

On World Environment day we learned about the Marker Wadden,

A new addiction to Dutch nature

The new nature on Marker Wadden is an ideal research area for scientists. Which plants and animals settle here? Which food chains are created? And how do they relate to each other? And above all, does Marker Wadden contribute to the restoration of the Markermeer ecosystem? Continue reading

Travel Diary Brno of the Dutch students

Bridget Moorman
OostvaarderscollegeThe Netherlands 

My Brno experience 
Saturday, January 19th
This was the day we were travelling to the Czech Republic. We first flew to Vienna and that flight only lasted one and a half hours. When we arrived at the airport and before we got on the bus, we went to eat something. That was when we met the first people of Erasmus, the Spanish team. Then we took the bus to the train station in Vienna and we went by train from Vienna to Brno. In Brno we got picked up by one of the teachers and she brought me to the home of my host. They live in an apartment which wasn’t too far from school. I immediately felt welcome and I really liked Veronika and her mother and sister.   Continue reading