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Works of Art in Almere

(Introducing our self’s)


Sint marten is a celebration in our country and it has a lot of connections with this project: it’s because it’s about light. People make lanterns and children walk around the neighborhood at night to sing songs and in return they will get candies. It’s very traditional but it’s really special when you think about it.

We were thinking that it’s maybe cool to make lanterns or do something like that, since not all of you know about it.

I made a gif (real short animation) of sint marten. I made a kid standing with it’s lantern, and since it’s celebrated at 11 November I made this fly around him. Now enjoy


Now we are going to tell you about the place where we live: Almere.
Almere is a sub-urb of Amsterdam, which means that people who work in Amsterdam decide to live in Almere because it’s more quiet and more offordable. That does not mean that everybody who lives in Almere works in Amsterdam, this was only it’s orininal purpose.

As you know Almere is build in the province Flevoland, which was fully build by people itself: it used to be sea. The whole land we live on was made by people and it’s really weird but special to experience that.

So, continuing about Almere: It is very famous for it’s architecture. Tourists are likely to go to Almere for this. For example de fantasie (The Fantasy) in Almere. It’s a place where really strange houses are build as wel as the place is also used in stories, for example ‘Weerwater’ by renate dorrestein. It’s made for the creative people, to inspire them and give them ‘fantasy’.


The first work of art we’re going to talk about are the so called ‘marbles’ that can be found on the ‘Van Eesterenplein’, which is in Almere, the place where all three of us live. It owns it’s name to it’s purpose. The goal of the marbles are to lighten up the square not only literally but also on an artistic way. It’s interactive, which means the work of art is active in it’s existence. Mostly children like to touch and play with them. Every time you touch one of the marbles, it lights up in a different colour.

No Title:

The second work of art we’re going to show you is the work of art that ironically has no title. This work is part of a statue tour, with a tremendous amount of other works you can visit. Although this one must be the most impressive one.

It is made of steel, glass and neon light. It is 6,5 meters high, 3 meters broad and two metres deep. (In inches that would be: 2,6 inches high, 1,2 inches broad and 0,8 inch deep)

The energy needle:

Then the third and last work of art: The energy Needle that was originally build in the Leeuwarden square. It is 55 meters high and it weighs up to 5500 kilos. The needle was build at the lowest spot of Almere so the tower would be the highest thing at that spot. Unfortunately it was moved several times to find a place where it would show off better. Currently the Energy Needle can be found at the Weerwater, which is the landmark of our city.


The name of our school is Oostvaardercollege. Our school is an unesco school, which means that we have international solidarity, tolerance and that we are a part of a school network that concists of 10000 schools from all over the world.

Our school is also well known for it’s great number of enrichment, including science, art, Cambridge English and sports. For us that’s great of course.

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