Christmas regards from Greece

Our students created a series of artistic Christmas calendars containing the most known and important traditions  regarding the Christmas period.

3rd Ltt in Zaragosa

The 3rd Ltt was held in Zaragosa, Spain. A city full of lights and color, similar to the title of the meeting “Light, lines and life”. Our students had a great time and only nice things to remember  from this beautiful and lively city. Some photos and videos prove it

3rd Ltt in Zaragosa- Art and Science photos and video

The 3rd Ltt took place in Zaragosa, Spain. Among other workshops our students tried to take photos and videos of all the monuments and spots they visited and made impression to them in order to create a photo show and a short video about the Art and Science spots in Zaragosa.

The photos:

The video:

World Science Day

In order to celebrate the World Science Day  we visited the ΕΚFE in Pyrgos, where mr. Kalogirou helped the students to fulfill a series of experiments, some of which could easily be seen as art