Functionalism and art lessons

Bohuslav Fuch was a famous Czech architect who build our school too. It was build in 1928. Our students were inspired by his famous buldings in art lessons.

The New York Times says: “In particular, I was hoping to visit the buildings of the architect Bohuslav Fuchs, who had built many of the city’s most charismatic buildings, like the skinny Avion, a nine-story modernist hotel downtown, elegantly wedged into a lot less than 28 feet wide. The city’s main post office — a sprawling, inscrutable block — was by Fuchs, as were many bank buildings, shopping arcades and several elegant villas. Continue reading

Microcosmos in Brno

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. During our SMART DAY we had workshop called  Microcosmos. Our students painted their ideas about some plants. Then they used microscopes and  they painted the real pictures. So the pupils have tried artistic ideas and scientific work. 


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Czech functionalism and SMART DAY

Brno is home to hundreds of modernist buildings, many by local architects, all dating from the period of growth between the two world wars, when the city’s take on clean, modernist design, called functionalism, touched nearly every aspect of life here. So our students designed her own flats in this style during our SMART DAY. Continue reading

Franctals and SMART DAY in Brno

What is fractal? Simply, it is a geometric object that repeats the same motif, so we can still find new geometric objects in different magnifications. The fractal looks complicated, its creation is fairly simple, as the pupils could try out during SMART Day. In our creations, you can find Koch’s flake, the Sierpins triangle, the Pythagoras tree variation, and the geometric design of the natural numbers roots. Continue reading


Maṇḍala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”. There was a workshop How to relax with mandala during our SMART DAY in Brno. In some Asian traditions, the mandala is used to represent the world or the cosmos, and the making of mandalas can be a highly meditative practice. Each mandala has a different meaning and is unique to the student who designed it.

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SMART DAY in BRNO and Amazing Theatre of Physics

UDiF alias Amazing Theatre of Physics is a group of people who’ve decided to entertain people by physics. They pass on the joy of understanding and they try to ignite in the people the excitement from watching the world around them. They  performed the physics show called All the colours of rainbow in a professional way, we invited them on our SMART DAY on 27 th November.  It was chosen by approximately 180 pupils from our school.

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