Visits of our web page during the project

Our project web page had more then 25 thousand unique visitors and more then 36 thousand visits from October 2017 till October 2019. We were encoured by our domain administrator to participate in The .eu Web Awards 2019 (it is an online competition, designed to acknowledge the best websites, using the .eu or .ею extensions, in five dynamic categories). We were dissmised our web page in category Laurels which is for education institution. Continue reading

Programmes of TPM during our project

During our project we had five TPM meetings, you can find the programmes of them in this article. The meetings helped us to organised the entire project. We started in Netherland in November 2017, then we continue in Italy, Spain and The Czech Republic – these meetings were held together with LTT. And last meeting of our teachers team was in Finnland in September 2019. Continue reading

Programmes of LTT during our project

During our project we organised five LTT courses, the programmes of this activities you can find in this article. Partner´s  schools organised activities for more then two hundred students and their teachers.We started in sunny Palermo in March 2018, then we travelled to cold Iceland in April 2018 and finnished this year in Spain in September. Next year we met in The Czech Republic in January 2019 and finnished in Greece in May. Continue reading

Sun – Slunce – Sol – Slnko – Sole – Aurinko

We were inspired by finnish school (our teachers showed us the photos of finnish student´s work ) and prepared the list of  names for Sun in diffrent languages. The Sun is a star found at the center of the Solar system. Around 74% of the Sun’s mass is made up of hydrogen. Helium makes up around 24% while heavier elements such as oxygen, carbon, iron and neon make up the remaining percentage. Light from the Sun reaches Earth in around 8 minutes. At around 1,392,000 kilometres (865,000 miles) wide, the Sun’s diameter is about 110 times wider than Earth’s.


Continue reading

Last transnational meeting in Salo

The last transnational meeting took place in the small town of Salo, located on the connecting line between Finland’s capital Helsinki and Turku.During the meeting we visited the participating school Moision koulu, which captivated us with its equipment and absolute peace even during breaks. In addition to balancing and preparing the final report of  the project, we have time to visit the picturesque Finnish countryside and the city of Turku. On our way back we also stopped in Helsinki, where we were most interested in Helsinki Central Library Oodi. Continue reading

Last transnational meeting of our project

koulu_etusivu_kevatThe teachers of seven partner schools meet face to face for the last time during our  international project. The meeting starts on Monday, 16th September, in Finland. The end is on Friday, 20th September 2019.  The host school is Moisio koulu, one of the four junior high schools in Salo, with 580 pupils and 60 teachers. Our project SMART will end last day of September.

Icelandic travel diary to Greece

It was an excited group of people who traveled to Pyrgos Greece. Three teachers and three students, Bogi, Alla, Jóhanna, Aldís, Margrét, and Sigríður. Because it is a long journey between the countries we stayed for two nights in Athens. We landed in the late evening so there was just time to have dinner and rest. The second day we walked around the city visited Akropolis, the president’s palace, the gardens in the centrum of Athens and did a little window shopping. The following day there was the bus tour to Pyrgos. The bus tour was pleasant, the scenery in Grecce is quite different from what we are used to in Iceland. Continue reading

Czech travel diary from Pyrgos, Greece

On 4th May we met on the train station in Brno aproximately at 9 a.m. Our team went to Greece to take part in the last meeting within the international Erasmus+ project entitled “SMART – Science meets art.”  The members of the project team were the teachers: Šárka Špičková, Pavlína Trnková, the students: Lucka, Honza and Veronika. The course How Logic was transformed into theatre  was organised by 1ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΠΥΡΓΟΥ. Continue reading