Pyrgos: links between Greece and Sicily

Students and teachers from the seven countries met in Pyrgos from 5th to 11th May 2019.On our arrival “late at night” we were welcomed by families and colleagues and all through the week the group experienced a positive atmosphere which made our stay more and more enjoyable and interesting.

The week started with a presentation of students’ videos on ”How logic was transformed into theatre”. Italian students showed a beautiful video on the legend of Volcano which highlighted the links between Greece and Sicily.

Students took part to several visits to archaeological sites and museums  in Olympia and Messini and they took part in  workshops  both at school and at museums. These activities cemented the relationship with students of other countries and improved their competence and fluency in English.

Greek families were very caring and they did everything to make the students feel at home and together with Pyrgos school they played a fundamental role for the success of the project.

This is our preparatory video:



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