15th of April World Art Day

On the anniversary of the birth of the great Genius and Master Leonardo Da Vinci, April 15th, on the World Day of Art, our school emphasized the importance of the rediscovery of Art and Beauty as a means of human and social rebirth, starting to make some videos and multimedia products on Italian and Sicilian artists, in particular.
In 2017 some classes of our school, inspired by a blog “Didatticarte”, created a tableau vivant of the “Flagellation” by Piero della Francesca, a painting that revisits the masterpiece by Antonello, the “Annunziata”, in a manga key, the revisitation of the bronze statue “David” by Donatello in a study for a tattoo and a photomontage work combining works of art and current images, a way to reread some masterpieces of art by updating them.
More space was given to the plasterer Giacomo Serpotta (that you can see on Youtube channel), to the architect Almeyda and finally to Giotto’s works . In this case the students created presentations and videos.

The cathedral of Monreale


Giotto and his works


A _new

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