Fourth transnational teacher´s meeting in Brno (The Czech Republic)

The fourth transnational meeting was held in Brno from 19 th January to 25 th January 2019. The TPM meeting aimed at evaluating the project and its impact on schools and students. The host school  organized the activities in an excellent way, creating a climate of fruitful understanding among all the teachers. We discussed about the products already uploaded on the site and on  Facebook  and about photos to be uploaded to Flickr. Each country received a copy of the calendar built with the photographic contribution of all the participating countries.

Moreover, activities were planned in view of the next mobility in Greece from 5th  to 11th  May 2019, i.e. dramatizations to exemplify physical, chemical and biological phenomena.

Collaboration among the teachers of the partner countries strengthened so future  activities and strategies to be adopted in order to guarantee a positive continuation of the project were highlighted. In particular, all digital tools will continue to be used for constant communication and sharing of initiatives and products.The more and more positive relationship established has put the basis for a good follow up of the project in the next mobility.

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