Programmes of TPM during our project

During our project we had five TPM meetings, you can find the programmes of them in this article. The meetings helped us to organised the entire project. We started in Netherland in November 2017, then we continue in Italy, Spain and The Czech Republic – these meetings were held together with LTT. And last meeting of our teachers team was in Finnland in September 2019. Continue reading

Last transnational meeting in Salo

The last transnational meeting took place in the small town of Salo, located on the connecting line between Finland’s capital Helsinki and Turku.During the meeting we visited the participating school Moision koulu, which captivated us with its equipment and absolute peace even during breaks. In addition to balancing and preparing the final report of  the project, we have time to visit the picturesque Finnish countryside and the city of Turku. On our way back we also stopped in Helsinki, where we were most interested in Helsinki Central Library Oodi. Continue reading

Iammin vastaanotto taiteen ja luonnon valilla: a warm welcome between Art and Nature

A warm welcome between Art and Nature

This time the main theme of the last TPM meeting was ” Recycling and Environment”. On 16/9/2019 the Italian teachers G. Monteleone and A. Perconte landed to Finland.
Everybody arrived according to the scheduled time and Salo offered us a warm welcome with a cooking class. According to what previously agreed, each delegation of the participating countries introduced their traditions by offering a typical regional dish.
Moreover each delegation presented their own city and educational institution to the Moision kuolu also using the multimedia material created during the various phases of the project. Teachers visited the school and appreciated the classes of carpentry, iron working, art and music, and finally the craft class (which includes activities related to the domestic economy). The activity continued at Teijo where the teachers met the artist Tuula Nikulainen with whom they held a workshop experimenting an artistic handicraft made with the use of natural materials. Continue reading

Fourth TTM and LTT in Brno

In January we welcomed 20 students and 12 teachers from our partner countries in Brno. A great help for our project was always the friendliness of families that housed foreign pupils. Thanks again for the incredibly hospitable environment in every country. From Saturday, January 19th, to Friday, January 25th, there were an international meeting of teachers and a fourth course of the project called Tech Meets Art.

Continue reading

Fourth transnational teacher´s meeting in Brno (The Czech Republic)

The fourth transnational meeting was held in Brno from 19 th January to 25 th January 2019. The TPM meeting aimed at evaluating the project and its impact on schools and students. The host school  organized the activities in an excellent way, creating a climate of fruitful understanding among all the teachers. We discussed about the products already uploaded on the site and on  Facebook  and about photos to be uploaded to Flickr. Each country received a copy of the calendar built with the photographic contribution of all the participating countries.

Moreover, activities were planned in view of the next mobility in Greece from 5th  to 11th  May 2019, i.e. dramatizations to exemplify physical, chemical and biological phenomena.

Collaboration among the teachers of the partner countries strengthened so future  activities and strategies to be adopted in order to guarantee a positive continuation of the project were highlighted. In particular, all digital tools will continue to be used for constant communication and sharing of initiatives and products.The more and more positive relationship established has put the basis for a good follow up of the project in the next mobility.

Third TPM meeting in Zaragoza

The third TPM meeting aimed at evaluating the project and its results. The group, composed by 14 teachers (two teachers for each school partners), discussed the necessity to upload all the products which had already been completed on the other platforms created specifically for the project like the You tube channel (linked to the homepage of this website).

It’s time to elaborate the mid-term evaluation of the results achieved in the project: students are going to have other google tests. All the teachers discussed the intermediate report and the main tasks of each country with reference to the second year of mobility were decided.

Many countries have added their own site for communication and dissemination of events within their school’s website. During the meeting, the teachers of the partner countries outlined the activities that will be dealt with on November 10th, World Science Day, as the Smart Day.

It was decided to create workshops on Science in a creative way (for example, cooking and science, analysis of the ingredients) whose results will be shown in a video produced by the Erasmus students.

The preparatory activities for the next mobility in the Czech Republic were also agreed and the period for the mobility in Greece was established in May.

Finally, the tasks and responsibilities that each country will have to complete for the second year of mobility have been outlined.

TPM program