Czech memories from Iceland and Italy




We created an exibiton about our mobilities in Italy and Iceland for the our school 90 th anniversary. We  we celebrated our 90 th birthday with an action packed weekend full of special events. The school was opened to the public. And our Erasmus +: KA2 projects:  Science Meets Art ( 2017-2019) and Water and Its Magical Power ( 2014-2016) were part of it.

Our students prepared Kahoot! game about the Iceland for our visitors and other students:

Geometry and art

The parallels between geometry and art can be seen in many works of art. So we were inspired in our school too. In this activity, students use geometry vocabulary, paper and explore math concepts including: measurements, cubes, fractions and shapes.


SMART DAY in science centre

The pupils and teacher  of our school visited the science park Vida at the Brno Exhibition Center on Friday 27 April. We find more than one hundred and seventy interactive exhibits over an area of nearly 5,000 square meters that give us  better understanding of the world around us. The science show has brought us into the world of sounds. What does the sound look like? Can you feel it? Can sound dance the flames? How is the sound below the surface? The show’s moderator has made us the way from the origin of the sound to our auditory nerves. We have learned what children hear and educators will not ever hear.
The sixth year saw what raw materials we produce, which we use everyday. They looked at the most common mineral raw materials and found out which elements are most common on our planet. Seventh class waited a series of color experiments. Chemistry is not only difficult, it can also be beautiful and entertaining. Our pupils found the difference between blending common colors and chemicals. Finally, everyone took home a small, hand-made gift, a tube that changed color. The eighth year was drawn into the detective game. They learned about the dactyloscopy and tried some other forensic experts. The aim of the program is to solve the deaths of young educators Megan. They communicated in groups, and use of a logical discretion was necessary. The oldest pupils were smarter than Holmes. They have become more familiar with not only the exhibits but also the phenomena they represent. With that help, they got information that was available until the final password that opened the treasure chest.
All day we enjoyed and awakened curiosity and the desire to learn more about the world around us.

LTT “Nature meets art and science” in Reykjavík, Iceland

Students and teachers of partner schools met in Reykjavík, a capital of Iceland , on Monday 9 th April 2018. We left on Sunday the 15 th April.  The second learning/ teaching/ training activities course “Nature meets art and science” was held  by Hólabrekkuskóli.

We had a great week there, the host teachers and the host families helped all the students during all the activities of the project and created the best conditions for a positive learning atmosphere. Þakka þér fyrir!

We visited Science museum, the students worked in an international groups linked with SMART in the Makerspace, the teachers were informed about school Makerspace. Of course we visited the places as Gullfoss, Geysir  or Thingvellir (Þingvellir) National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site is a site of historical, cultural, and geological importance). We were inspired by the power and beauty of nature.

In this course we also worked at an award winning educational project called Biophilia which was a result of the cooperation of academics, scientists, artists, teachers and students of all academic levels. It combined music with technology and natural science in an innovative way, so the students will learn about and work with renewable/green energy for which Iceland is famous, and they will use different ways to express their understanding.

Next time our mascot SMARTY will travel to Zaragoza, Spain. Teachers disscused the course in Iceland.

The rest of our experience and feelings will be found in traveller´s diaries.

Programme Iceland

World Art Day

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Antonín Slavíček (16 May, 1870 – 1 February, 1910) was a Czech Impressionist painter, our seventh class was inspired by his work in art lessons. Slavíčeks landscapes are related exclusively to the Czech landscape. Despite the fact that he is usually labeled as a prominent figure from the local version of impressionism, he only encountered French impressionism in 1907 when he visited Paris.

Icelandic travel diary about Palermo

Meeting in Palermo

On the 15. of March we started our journey to Palermo. The students Oliwia Czerwonka, Þóra Björg Ingvarsdóttir, Breki Freyr Albertsson. The teachers Anna María Kortsen Þorkelsdóttir, Jóhanna Rakel Sveinbjörnsdóttir, and Bogi Franzson.  After three air flights, we landed at Palermo in the evening. The students met their „foster families, and the teachers went to their hotel.

The next day the program began with a speech from the headmaster following presentations from all the participating countries.  After lunch, we visited the old Norman Palace and the program ended around five o’ clock in the afternoon.

The second day we went by bus to Monreale on Monte Caputo. There we visited a beautiful Cathedral. Magnificent wall tiles (mosaic) and the buildings were a mixture of Norman and Arabic architecture. We had a workshop in creating patterns.

On the third day we divided the group into two, one group visited a house where they were repairing paintings. The other visited a church where they were repairing some decorations inside. After lunch, we had the afternoon free.

On the fourth day, we visited two places in the morning. The Massimo Theatre and the National Museum of Sicily. The meeting room in the theater was very interesting, especially how the sound echoed. In the National Museum, there were a lot of old objects, but the turtles in the fountain stole the scene. After the break, we went to the Palatine Chapel where we visited both the Chapel and the monastery.

On the fifth day, we all met at school. We danced and had lunch together in the gym hall. And after that students went to their „home“ and enjoyed the last evening.

The goodbyes were difficult, a lot of tears but it was good to get to know new friends and to visit the homes of Sicily.

Breki, Oliwia. Þóra