Czech travel diary from Pyrgos, Greece

On 4th May we met on the train station in Brno aproximately at 9 a.m. Our team went to Greece to take part in the last meeting within the international Erasmus+ project entitled “SMART – Science meets art.”  The members of the project team were the teachers: Šárka Špičková, Pavlína Trnková, the students: Lucka, Honza and Veronika. The course How Logic was transformed into theatre  was organised by 1ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΠΥΡΓΟΥ.We travelled by train to Slovak capital Bratislava and our plane went to Athens at 3:20 p.m. We safely arrived in Athens International Airport at around  5:20 p.m. local time.

The journey to Pyrgos was pretty long. It took about 10-11 hours. The travelling plan was: Brno – Bratislava – Athens – Pyrgos. In the late evening  we left for Pyrgos where the Greek hosts were
waiting to take us to their homes. Our friendship countinued because we hosted our Greek twins in Brno in January.

On Monday morning we had an introducing program with our videos in Apollo theatre in Pyrgos. Our team presented the drama from life of our famous scientist Otto Wichterle. He was a Czech chemist, best known for his invention of modern soft contact lenses. After that  we looked around the city (the church was really nice) and we also visited the Archeological museum of Pyrgos.

On Tuesday we visited Ancient Olympia, it was a centre of the cult of the Supreme from the ancient gods, Zeus. It lies between two rivers, Alfeios and Kladeos.  Firstly we went out from the museum and visited the ancient monuments outside. We saw, for example, the place where the Olympic flame is lit or the Olympic Stadium. One part of this trip was also the workshop of taking photographs so that we could practise our skills. We all were very enthusiastic about it. Then we went to the museum. Here we saw pictures and sculptures from the Temple of Zeus that were taken from archeological excavations.

On Wendesday we travelled again, we went to Ancient Messini area. There we could see the Archaeological museum and the archaeological area with the ancient theatre. We  saw how was the area regarding the way physics and architecture were combined to create optimum acoustic. One of the Greek girls sang a beautiful traditional song there. It was a great and interesting experience. We also sat in an old acient school and felt the ages:) On the way back we stopped to visit an Old watermill in Kyparissia. The Mill was declared a protected monument. It is surrounded by a garden full of citrus trees and herbs and we could taste various homemade sweets and lemonades there.

On Thursday, it was very exciting- we went to their/Greek school. The program sounded (and was) fun. First we made figurines for a shadow theatre and listened to its history. The second activity was making masks, that was even more fun than the figurines (that means, it was perfect). In the afternoon we visited another school to try and see some experiments, for example: “tube drums”, “bottle xylophone” and “drawing”machine.

On Friday we visited Skafidia’s Monastery and  Mercouri’s estate – one of the most historic wineries of Greece. The owner explained us the art of making wine. We visited the museum of ancient Greek technology.

On Saturday we got up early, it was the last day of our visit to Pyrgos. The reason was simple. We had to travel a long way to the Athens. And then to Brno to meet our families. Thanks to all Greeks for a great week! We tasted the culture, the food and we found new friends in Peloponness. Hope to see you again!

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