Icelandic travel diary to Greece

It was an excited group of people who traveled to Pyrgos Greece. Three teachers and three students, Bogi, Alla, Jóhanna, Aldís, Margrét, and Sigríður. Because it is a long journey between the countries we stayed for two nights in Athens. We landed in the late evening so there was just time to have dinner and rest. The second day we walked around the city visited Akropolis, the president’s palace, the gardens in the centrum of Athens and did a little window shopping. The following day there was the bus tour to Pyrgos. The bus tour was pleasant, the scenery in Grecce is quite different from what we are used to in Iceland.

Trees and shrubs which we don´t have in Iceland. Yellow sands, blue sky, and blue see. We arrived in Pyrgos at about eight where we met the host families of our students. The students left with them and the teachers had a late dinner together. Monday morning all participants met in the Apollo theatre where the Icelandic students presented their video about electricity and how it has been used to create science fiction in movies. When that was over we visited the main church and the Archeological museum in Pyrgos.

We visited the Ancient Olympia, saw the museum which has a lot of statues, pictures, old relics and other objects which were found in the region. The students competed by running in the old sports ground it was a nice atmosphere to be there in the footsteps of history. We also visited the museum of ancient Greek technology.

Wednesday we traveled to the Ancient Messini. There we visited the archaeological area where they have excavated the ancient buildings. They were renovating the site, putting pillars on their place, There we saw the ancient theater the old school, the meat market, and latrines.

On the way back we visited an old watermill listened to the music of the mill and had a cup of coffee and some homemade sweets were tasted.

Thursday we had workshops at two different schools. At the first one, we made figurines for shadow theater and some masks. In the second school, we experienced music and art made with the help of physics. It was very enjoyable and educating.

On Friday we visited Skafidia Monastery and Mercouri’s estate which is a winery. There we had a lecture on the art of winemaking.

Saturday was a traveling day and we left Pyrgos at 11 am and approximately 24 hours later arrived at our home in Iceland. It was a tiresome trip but when we think of the hospitality and kindness we felt during our stay it was worth it. In our heart we all hope to meet you again.

Bogi, Alla, Jóhanna, Aldís, Margrét, and Sigríður.


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