Fourth TTM and LTT in Brno

In January we welcomed 20 students and 12 teachers from our partner countries in Brno. A great help for our project was always the friendliness of families that housed foreign pupils. Thanks again for the incredibly hospitable environment in every country. From Saturday, January 19th, to Friday, January 25th, there were an international meeting of teachers and a fourth course of the project called Tech Meets Art.

 The 4th course included technical workshops inspired by chemistry, physics and maths.  We attended a professional performance of the Theatre of Physics, and  visited technical park and technical monuments which are part of the European cultural heritage.

The 4th TPM in Czech Republic  had as main points evaluation, impact and dissemination. Partners discussed the sustainability and dissemination and the impact of the project during the first period and the results of the middle evaluation report. Teachers also attended a seminar at the Villa Tugendhat, focusing on the history and architecture of the building and the use of historical contexts in teaching. Brno is really proud of this UNESCO monument. In addition we also had time to discuss further project meetings, project tasks and dissemination of results through various media.

You can judge the atmosphere of the course in our gallery: 

Programme of the LLT: LTT1 LTT2

Programme of the TTM: TTM1 TTM2

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