Iammin vastaanotto taiteen ja luonnon valilla: a warm welcome between Art and Nature

A warm welcome between Art and Nature

This time the main theme of the last TPM meeting was ” Recycling and Environment”. On 16/9/2019 the Italian teachers G. Monteleone and A. Perconte landed to Finland.
Everybody arrived according to the scheduled time and Salo offered us a warm welcome with a cooking class. According to what previously agreed, each delegation of the participating countries introduced their traditions by offering a typical regional dish.
Moreover each delegation presented their own city and educational institution to the Moision kuolu also using the multimedia material created during the various phases of the project. Teachers visited the school and appreciated the classes of carpentry, iron working, art and music, and finally the craft class (which includes activities related to the domestic economy). The activity continued at Teijo where the teachers met the artist Tuula Nikulainen with whom they held a workshop experimenting an artistic handicraft made with the use of natural materials.
Afterwards, the teachers experienced a walk in the marvellous Teijo natural park and some materials were collected for the activities of the following day.
In the following days agreements were made about all the products created, about the main topics and dates for completing the mobility tool and the final project report were discussed. The meeting also included a workshop at the institute’s craft class, a visit to the city of Turku and Helsinki with a visit to the center and places of particular historical / artistic interest. In Helsinki the group had the opportunity to see some of the most representative modern architectures that use natural materials such as the Oodi library.
On 20/9/2019 , as planned, all the teachers made their way home .
Good bye Salo!




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