Third TPM meeting in Zaragoza

The third TPM meeting aimed at evaluating the project and its results. The group, composed by 14 teachers (two teachers for each school partners), discussed the necessity to upload all the products which had already been completed on the other platforms created specifically for the project like the You tube channel (linked to the homepage of this website).

It’s time to elaborate the mid-term evaluation of the results achieved in the project: students are going to have other google tests. All the teachers discussed the intermediate report and the main tasks of each country with reference to the second year of mobility were decided.

Many countries have added their own site for communication and dissemination of events within their school’s website. During the meeting, the teachers of the partner countries outlined the activities that will be dealt with on November 10th, World Science Day, as the Smart Day.

It was decided to create workshops on Science in a creative way (for example, cooking and science, analysis of the ingredients) whose results will be shown in a video produced by the Erasmus students.

The preparatory activities for the next mobility in the Czech Republic were also agreed and the period for the mobility in Greece was established in May.

Finally, the tasks and responsibilities that each country will have to complete for the second year of mobility have been outlined.

TPM program

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