Who we are: our school, our city and “Art & Science” lessons at school

The first TPM is coming: we introduce ourselves with a presentation and a video about our school, two videos about Palermo and finally ….. Art and Science lessons!

We are SMART people: let’s start!

Italian school: Istituto Magistrale “C. Finocchiaro Aprile”

presentazione Scuola 



Italian Science and Art lessons





SMART – Science Meets Art

Our project Erasmus+: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, “SMART – Science Meets Art” consists of a partnership of 7 high schools with students of 13-18 years old, from Greece, Spain, the Czech Republic, Italy, Finland, Iceland and the Netherlands. Our project starts on 1st of October 2017. And it will finish on 30 th of September 2019.

Quite many pupils think that school Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are extremely difficult … Continue reading