Italian memories from Iceland

During the third mobility held in Reykjavik in Iceland from 09 to 15 April 2018 all the activities planned during the previous mobility in Palermo were carried out. In a first phase all the students of the partner countries presented videos on the Environmental Art; therefore, presentations were presented on some famous enviromental artists or on some sites where it was possible to identify the link between art and the natural enviroment. A visit to the Reykjavik Science Museum was also … Continue reading

15th of April World Art Day

On the anniversary of the birth of the great Genius and Master Leonardo Da Vinci, April 15th, on the World Day of Art, our school emphasized the importance of the rediscovery of Art and Beauty as a means of human and social rebirth, starting to make some videos and multimedia products on Italian and Sicilian artists, in particular.
In 2017 some classes of our school, inspired by a blog “Didatticarte”, created a tableau vivant of the “Flagellation” by Piero della Francesca, a painting that revisits the masterpiece by Antonello, the “Annunziata”, in a manga key, the revisitation of the … Continue reading

SMART DAY in science centre

The pupils and teacher  of our school visited the science park Vida at the Brno Exhibition Center on Friday 27 April. We find more than one hundred and seventy interactive exhibits over an area of nearly 5,000 square meters that give us  better understanding of the world around us. The science show has brought us into the world of sounds. What does the sound look like? Can you feel it? Can sound dance the flames? How is the sound below the surface? The show’s moderator has made us the way from the origin of the sound to our auditory nerves. We have … Continue reading

LTT “Nature meets art and science” in Reykjavík, Iceland

Students and teachers of partner schools met in Reykjavík, a capital of Iceland , on Monday 9 th April 2018. We left on Sunday the 15 th April.  The second learning/ teaching/ training activities course “Nature meets art and science” was held  by Hólabrekkuskóli.

We had a great week there, the host teachers and the host families helped all the students during all the activities of the project and created the best conditions for a positive learning atmosphere. Þakka … Continue reading