Italian memories of Palermo course from 15 to 21 March: travel diary, fractals creative lab, restoration lesson, seppo game

The course held in Palermo from March 15th to March 21st 2018 met the general objectives and was a stimulating experience for our school.

Students realized the close relationship between Geometry, Chemistry, Architecture and Restoration, they treated the fractals in the computer lab by means of an informatics application and then they looked at them on the plans of the Palatine Chapel and in the apses of the Cathedral of Monreale.

Later they made fractal models that were exhibited in the final exhibition. The students also studied the conic sections found in many artistic buildings such as theaters and churches and understood how the sound spreads better through these sections.

In the Academy of Fine Arts, in the Diocesan Museum and in the Oratory of S. Salvatore, the students met experts in restoration and in some cases they had the opportunity to carry out small activities of true restoration.

They also visited Santa Caterina where there is a restoration workshop and the Teatro Massimo which has a circular construction.

During the second TPM meeting teachers showed the platforms created, organized the second LTT in Iceland and shared the results.

We can say that the atmosphere among the teachers and between the students and the teachers was cheerful and fruitful and we will never forget this experience.


When you start studying mathematics you often approach difficult and boring concepts, but is it true?

We think it is a matter of perspective, but we studied fractals and conic sections to highlight the fascinating aspects of science. A new revolutionary idea of ​​geometry explains the complexity of nature.

The fractal is a geometric shape characterized by the repetition of the same model on an ever smaller scale. A mountain, a coral, a plant are made up of smaller parts of similar shapes repeated endless times.

It is therefore a way to grasp the concept of infinity in nature, which has inspired literature, art and science. Fractal geometry is able to describe complex objects that are more common in nature than triangles or cubes. The whole universe is a large fractal, the same universe expressed by Heraclitus, that is chaos in order.

Let’s see how our students studied fractals and conic sections during the first day of mobility in Palermo


Fractals with ICT app

 16  12  1

Fractals lab at school




Fractals in our churches …

A world made of conical sections: fontain, churches

sezioni coniche

The golden ratio

Fine Arts Academy, a restoration lesson


Palermo, Massimo Theater




Second transnational meeting in Palermo, Sicily, Italy

On 16 th March 2018 the teachers met in Palermo, Sicily. The host school was Liceo delle Scienze Umane “Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile” located in the largest city of Sicily, in Palermo. During our meeting, we organized the entire project, but especially the next Icelendic course which will be also attended by pupils and students from all seven partner schools in April.

According to the programme we discussed the project strategy, evaluation, dissemination. The important part of the meeting was the financial monitoring. We had briefing about architecture and restoration. Of course we visited many places connected with art and architecture in Palermo, for example: Massimo Theathre, Museum of Monreale, Palatin Chapel and The Norman Palace etc. There was a lecture of restoration in Fine Academy of Art in Palermo too.

During the transnational meeting we prepared articles and photo galeries which will be a part of our web page, Flickr and e–Twinning page.


We are ready for further work on the project and our mascot SMARTY will travel to Reykjavík in Iceland in April.

Student´s presentations / Palermo, Italy

The students from partner schools prepared  presentations about architecture and art for the first meeting in Palermo.

Architeture in the past

Churches and cathedrals

Private buildings

Architecture in the present nad future


Students also created funny Kahoots about Palermo and some of its monuments.  Kahoot about Palermo Kahoot about Massimo Theatre Kahoot about the cathedral of Monreale

First TPM Almere: photos and video (Italy)

The first TPM meeting was held in Almere from the 6th to the 10th of November. The participants got to know each other, presented their schools, their cities and showed videos about the experiences of Art and Science in their schools. The dates of the next meetings have been established. The visit of Amsterdam was very engaging and the Rijsk museum offered us marvelous example of paintings These are the video and the picture gallery of the experience Continue reading

Transnational meeting in Almere, Flevoland, Netherland

In the second week of November, the teachers of seven partner schools met face to face for the first time in our new international project. The host school was Oostvaarders College, located in the fourth largest city of the Netherlands in Almere. This new city lies three meters below sea level in the largest Dutch polder. Firstly we introduced each other our schools and cities. During our meeting, we organized the entire project, but especially the next Sicilian course which will be also attended by pupils and students from all seven partner schools.

One part of the project is to create our own websites, a YouTube channel and Flickr photo albums, to work with the e-Twinning portal, with online applications Thinglink, Seppo, Canvas and Kahoot. A Czech teacher, who created the web page, explained all the teachers how to work with it properly in WordPress.Org. And we disscused the other applications too and prepared wide range of activities for students. Spanish school showed us the results of questioner: Are we “smart” enough about our partners?.

We had enough time to get to know the organization of this big Dutch school, we visited some classes and we saw some activites. We were very excited about the street art decoration of the school corridors which was done by the students of this school. According to the programme, Dutch teachers took us to Rijkmuseum, so we could find some inspiration for our project. You can find some details in our programme, Transnational meeting Almere – programme.

We are ready for further work on the project and our mascot SMARTY will travel to Palermo in Sicily in March.